new life


This is my first post here. Thank you for reading. Tomorrow will be a new semester for me, it seems it will be more difficult. This at the same time when I am not sure about my direction anymore. I am 21 years old.

Why do movie directors get the acclaim for great movies? It never made sense to me, shouldn't it be the script writers, they wrote the story and the characters, all the core pieces of the work that the rest is built around. The director is just that, the person who decides how the pieces fit together. Of course, if the script writers got the credit, then it might as well be a book. Modern studio pieces like movies have an immense amount of people working on them, all assigned by people other than themselves, who of course have their own circumstances. Even when I credit a recording to just the recording artist, I'm guilty of everything.

I will carve out a space somewhere, I will tear it out maybe. I daydream about it often these days. But I can't do it in this stock student housing. I can't buy furniture for a place I won't be living in 6 months. So I must leave my roommates to find a place of my own. I want a camera, or a video camera. Everything's such a hassle, I'd rather just relax forever.

I want to start a band soon. I hope everyone is as dedicated as I can be. I like these friends because they appreciate me even when I'm quiet. I like being around them even when I don't know what's going on and not saying anything. For this, I can look past nastiness of any kind. Other friends, I like because I feel kindred souls. Maybe I can start a good band soon.

Beautiful, beautiful, true pop music, it speaks to the heart and feeds it. Such a thin line between trash cheesiness and pure hearted emotion. Of course the more important distinction that decides this is the listener, nothing to do with artistry or talent. As in, everything you hate is something to love. When I realized this, everything becomes easier to appreciate.



Related works - Final Fantasy (PSP) "Freely Tomorrow" by Mitchie M, "All About Lily Chou-Chou," "King of the World" by weezer, "Ways of Hearing" by The Goalie's Anxiety At The Penalty Kick. above art by @U_tsumi_ on twitter.

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